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Pottery & canvas painting ...glass painting
  home crafting & accessory  making
soapmaking...gifts....home decor 
celebrate with art!

Whether your interested in having a little backyard art fun... a friends night "in" ...a birthday bash, a catered affair...shower or retirement party, a fun team building meeting, or fundraising event, we deliver
everything you'll need to engage
your guests and keep them smiling.
We can also partner with some amazing venues if you prefer taking your party on the road!

Pop Up Classes & Workshops

In addition to delivering fun to your place or party venue, we love to partner with some of the coolest local businesses where we set up our pop up art workshops! 

Pottery painting and glass painting events are so fun when you can share a night out with friends, while at the same time experiencing the ambiance and great menus at your 
favorite cafe or restaurant. 

Visit our POP UP EVENT PAGE to see where we'll be hosting our UPCOMING WORKSHOPS! 
We'd love to see you!